What is Sheetrieve?​

Sheetrieve has been made with ease of use on mind. it is a no code solution for everyone who wants to build prototypes, MVPs or as simple as single landing page with real data. It connects Google Sheets natively to WordPress. 

You can place the data you want in the place you want easily through shortcodes. 


  • Single Cells: you can use your Google Sheets document to retrieve data as single cells to map it in your page. i.e. products / services price. It will make making changes a lot easier for your team.
  • Charts: Sheetrieve is built on Charts.js powerful library for all your charting needs. It supports: Line, Bar, Pie, Doughnut, Radar and even Scatter charting fully customizable. 
  • Tables: The plugin can produce data in a table format that is searchable and sortable.

You have full control on the data you want to get from your sheet. You can filter, search and limit what data you want to get from your document.